As the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation continues to evolve  rapidly we opened up some properties for key workers (NHS and servicemen and women), people who are in between homes and have been rendered without a home (due to accommodations and hotels), care workers and other such individuals

We are committed to ensuring the safety of the individuals who stay at our places and employees and whilst we will continue to carry our cleaning/repairs/maintenance in Oasis Living we have updated our core operating procedure and appreciate your support during this time.

We have greatly reduced our staff who would be going to work to address key cleaning and maintenance issues at our properties. All staff have been trained about the recent UK Government guidelines on social-distancing whenever they are on the road These are Oasis Living member of staff who will be helping and working with us during COVID-19.

If you have any doubt please call or contact us and we can send one of them to help you.

Sam Ghosh
Angela Birca
Nurak Eshaliev
Pacuta Boca
Reda Jurgaitiene